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Flotilla 21 - Augusta

Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) GA & SC

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Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty

Waving U.S. Flag

If you have a desire to enhance your boating knowledge, your on-the-water skills and/or to assist the UNITED STATES COAST GUARD in an organized and professional manner, all while having fun, you should consider joining our Flotilla, or any other U.S. Coast Guard flotilla that is convenient for you!



Auxiliary Introduction from USCG Auxiliary on Vimeo.



The "United States Coast Guard Auxiliary" was created in 1941 when Congress renamed the original "United States Coast Guard Reserve." The original Reserve was established in 1939 and was composed of U.S. citizens who were unpaid volunteers. Today, the Coast Guard Auxiliary remains the citizen volunteer group which makes up part of the Coast Guard Family.


The Auxiliary is the volunteer civilian, non-military component of the United States Coast Guard. The purpose of the Coast Guard Auxiliary is to assist the Coast Guard in any of its missions except where prohibited by Federal statute (Title 17 U.S.C. Chapter 23 ), such as in direct law enforcement and military actions. We are a diverse group of nearly 30,000 members dedicated to safer recreational boating on the waters of the United States. Our love of the water, knowledge of boating, our specialty training, and willingness to serve our fellow boaters binds us together to promote safe boating. During the past 12 months, the Auxiliary has donated 1,730,000 hours of their time to benefit boating safety, conducted nearly 140,000 vessel safety checks of boats and 10,000 personal water crafts, spent over 80,000 hours teaching boating safety, sailing and navigation courses, and made 34,000 marine dealer visits to distribute boating safety materials.


Why Join?

The benefits of Auxiliary membership are both tangible and intangible.

You will proudly wear the uniform and insignia and fly the Auxiliary ensign while participating in the activities involved in the Auxiliary's missions of recreational boating safety and support of the United States Coast Guard. The Auxiliary uniform is a very important symbol of Auxiliary membership and is worn with pride by Auxiliarists. It is similar to the Coast Guard uniform and is worn on any mission in which either the Auxiliary or the Coast Guard is represented. Each member is responsible for purchasing and maintaining their own uniform, and there are different uniforms appropriate for particular activities.

You will be actively involved in helping to save lives -- Either directly through Search and Rescue Operations or indirectly, through the Auxiliary's Public Education and Courtesy Examination Programs.

You will receive special training -- the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard provide training on all aspects of boating.

You will enjoy fellowship with like minded individuals -- the auxiliary provides opportunities to meet and have fun with fellow boaters. We get together for family fun and socializtion, which is an essential ingredient in making any volunteer organization successful. Fellowship with other Auxiliarist and members of the Coast Guard makes Team Coast Guard work and binds the entire organization together.

You will boat with the best.


We offer support to the Coast Guard and to State Government Agencies in the areas of:

Operations - we assist in boat parades, regatta patrols, special events, and search and rescue operations.

Aids to Navigation - we verify position of private aids to navigation, service federal aids to navigation, and assist the National Ocean Service and the U.S Army Corps of Engineers update charts.

Communications - we train to assist both the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard in radio communications and in some areas we have the opportunity to serve as a watch stander.

Marine Safety and Environmental Protection - we are given training by the Coast Guard to assist them in pollution control, on-scene public safety and emergency response and extraction of dangerous or hazardous materials.

Aviation - for Auxiliarist who are qualified and licensed as aviation pilots, we routinely provide air support as observers and may assist in search and rescue missions by providing visual coordinates to Auxiliary operational facilities (OPFAC) to help locate boaters and assist other vessels in distress.


We Support Recreational Boating Safety:

Public Education - we teach various boating safety couses to the general public.

Vessel Safety Examinations - we onduct safety equipment checks of recreational boats and public vessels.

Program Visitor - we make regular visits to local marine dealers and marinas and provide them with updated information and print publications.


We offer services to both our membership and to the public (in other ways) in the areas of:


Human Resources

Information Systems


Member Training

Public Affairs




Requirements for membership are as follows:

1. Be a citizen of the United States and its territories and possessions.

2. Be at least 17 years of age.

3. Ownership of a boat, aircraft, or radio station, or special skills would be desirable, but are not mandatory.

4. Must not have a felony conviction, any level conviction for drug or alcohol abuse, sexual deviation, or be on parole.

5. A security background check and fingerprints are required as part of the enrollment process.

Once "Basically Qualified," new members then will be entitled to many benefits. Some are listed here:

1. Wear the Auxiliary uniform.

2. Fly the Auxiliary ensign on their inspected vessel.

3. Seek and receive advanced Auxiliary training.

4. Vote at flotilla meetings and be appointed to various offices.


We are always looking for new members. If you have the desire to serve the finest volunteer programs in the country; and, at the same time, serve your country and reap the rewards of a job well done, then you should inquire into membership in the Coast Guard Auxiliary! You will be able to learn new skills, teach boating safety, participate in on water search and rescue, do chart updating, and conduct voluntary Vessel Safety Checks, among other valuable activities. Additionally, many non-boating/water opportunities are available to our volunteers which could require any of the following skills: Computing, Web Development, Medical, Aviation, Media, Law, Human Resources, Marketing, Cooks, and Skilled Trades.

Our meetings are held in the local area. For the meeting schedule, please refer to the schedule page.

For more information about membership, please click here for the Flotilla Staff page and then click on the Human Resources Officer (FSO-HR) link.



Semper Paratus

(Always Ready)



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