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Flotilla 21 - Augusta

Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) GA & SC

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SURFACE & AIR MISSIONS The mission of the Auxiliary operations unit is to provide operational, logistic, and training support to the appropriate Coast Guard programs. The operational use of Auxiliarists and their boats, aircraft, and radio stations is encouraged. Once an Auxiliarist offers his/her boat or aircraft for use as an Operational Facility, it must meet special requirements and have certain equipment on board. It also must be inspected and awarded an "Operational Facility Decal." The vessel is then given an official number by which it is identified.

Patrol 1

An Operational Surface Facility must have a qualified Coxswain and adequate number of qualified crew people available on board to receive official Coast Guard orders to commence patrol in their AOR (area of responsibility). Auxiliary Facilities and crew may perform many tasks except direct law enforcement. Several are listed here: perform harbor patrol, provide safety zones for regattas, and check aids to navigation. One of the most rewarding is search and rescue, when someone is in need of help.


Search and Rescue Training


Joint Training by USCG Aux Division 12 (11SR) with Air Station LA from Maurizio Vecchione on Vimeo.

If you like being on the water, you will enjoy the Operations program and find it very interesting. For more information, e-mail our Operations Flotilla Staff Officer.

Bottomdweller at Ironman

  Swimmers at Ironman   Rowing Ragatta
  Lined up for the Ironman 2011   Morning Fog for the 2011 Regatta
  Sunrise   John V and Carl D
  Sun and Fog on the Water   John and Carl Making Ready
  Ops r3c1   Ops r3c2
   Headed Into the Fog for the Rowing Regatta   Dense Fog for Morning Operations
  Ops r4c1   Ops r4c2



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