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Flotilla 21 - Augusta

Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) GA & SC

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Flotilla Commander


Flotilla Commander

Provides the primary leadership and supervision of the flotilla. Responsible for assuring that the overall flotilla program conforms to Coast Guard and Auxiliary policies and procedures; and has the primary responsibility for the administration, coordination, and appointment of the flotilla staff.







Jim McMenamin






Flotilla Vice Commander


Flotilla Vice Commander

Acts as the unit's Chief of Staff. Offers advice and help, as needed. Carries out authorized programs according to existing policies. Visits other Auxiliary units to maintain liaison, if applicable. Supervises Auxiliary unit Staff officer activities (unit Staff officers report to their Vice). Reviews and acts on reports submitted by unit Staff officers.







Larry Hartman






Immediate Past Flotilla Commander


Immediate Past Flotilla Commander

Acts in an advisory capacity to the current Flotilla Commander and Flotilla Vice Commander.










Pat McMenamin







Flotilla Communications Staff Officer



Primarily concerned with Auxiliary fixed land and land mobile radio facilities. Duties include the annual inspection of these facilities and their proper operation. Works with the Member Training Officer to have the Communications Specialty Course taught to those desiring to participate in Auxiliary communications operations.







Larry Hartman






Flotilla communications Services Staff Officer



Communication Services

Maintains the flotilla website and insures that Internet and other computer technologies are being used to enhance the internal and external communications of the flotilla. Works with the Public Affairs and Publications Officers to bring relevant content to the public and members, and coordinates activities with the Division Communications Services Officer.








James Ellis







Flotilla Finance Staff Officer



Accountant of the flotilla's finances. Collects members dues and Public Education book sale funds, and maintains the flotilla's checking account. Pays all bills for Auxiliary obligations. Responsible for preparing an annual budget and for submitting monthly financial statements to the Flotilla Vice Commander.







Pat McMenamin






Flotilla Human Resources Staff Officer

Human Resources

Goals are to recruit new members into, and to retain current members in, the ranks of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Works primarily with the flotilla's Public Education, Vessel Examinations, and Member Training Officers to accomplish these objectives.






John VanOsdol





Flotilla Information Services Staff Officer


Information Services

Provides data entry of all operational flotilla activity to the District Information Services Officer who submits the information to the AUXDATA and AUXINFO databases. All activities of flotilla members are recorded and reported to maintain an accurate record of the missions conducted by the Coast Guard Auxiliary as part of "Team Coast Guard".








Pat McMenamin








Flotilla Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Staff Officer






Marine Safety and Environmental Protection

Arranges for the flotilla to provide assistance, as needed, to the USCG Marine Safety Office for Marine Safety and Environmental Protection. Works in cooperation with the Operations, Public Education, Public Affairs, Communications. and the Member Training Officers to assist in presenting Marine Safety and Environmental Protection workshops, seminars and training sessions to bring this information to the attention of the membership and the public.



















Flotilla Materials Staff Officer



Orders items from the Auxiliary operated Auxiliary Center and the Coast Guard operated Auxiliary National Supply Center. Also assists members in purchasing items from the Auxiliary Center through the District Materials Center, operated by the District Officer for Materials.
















Flotilla Member Training Staff Officer

Member Training

Responsible for administering all training of flotilla members. This includes boat crew, instructor, and vessel examiner training. Conducts all required Operations, Instructor and Vessel Examiner Workshops.






John VanOsdol






Flotilla Navigation Systems Staff Officer

Navigation Systems

Oversees flotilla's Chart Updating and Aids to Navigation efforts. Checks Private Aids to Navigation. Recruits a sufficient number of Aids Verifiers to accomplish the goals of the flotilla.







Carl Dearmin





Flotilla Operations Staff Officer



Responsible for getting facilities and crews in order to conduct patrols as requested by the Coast Guard. Ensures that properly trained members are available to conduct the desired patrols (e.g. ATONs, Search and Rescue, Environmental Protection, and vessel towing).







Carl Dearmin






Flotilla Program Visitor Staff Officer


Program Visitor

Provides boating safety information to marine dealers. Visits specific dealers on a regular basis and supplies them with information and Auxiliary publications regarding boating safety, Auxiliary public education courses, and Vessel Safety Check information.








James Ellis







Flotilla Commander







Public Affairs

Keeps flotilla members informed of all developments in the public affairs area. Works with the Division Officer of Public Affairs and establishes effective working relationships with members of the print and broadcast media. Originates articles for flotilla, Division, District and National newsletters and publications. Develops and directs activities to obtain Auxiliary publicity. Maintains close liaison with the Division Public Affairs Officer to ensure an effective and coordinated program within the Division and assists or takes part in planning and conducting seminars, workshops, forums, and panel discussions.











James McMenamin










Flotilla Materials Staff Officer








Edits the flotilla's newsletter. Maintains close liaison with the Division Staff Officer of Publications. Encourages flotilla members to contribute articles of interest for inclusion in the newsletter. Coordinates with the Public Affairs Officer in obtaining action photos of flotilla activity for publication. Reports monthly to the Flotilla Vice Commander on activities and progress in this area. Maintains a file of all unit newsletters published and/or articles submitted to other publications. Mails flotilla newsletter to flotilla members, Division, and District Officers. Also submits a copy of the newsletter to the Coast Guard Auxiliary Collection, J.Y. Joiner Library in New Jersey..























Flotilla Public Education Staff Officer






Public Education

Responsible for all matters pertaining to the Auxiliary's public education program, on the flotilla level, including the scheduling, organization and conduct of flotilla boating safety courses and activities. Coordinates with the Public Affairs Officer in publicizing and promoting all boating safety and Auxiliary Public Education courses; with the Human Resources Officer in promoting Auxiliary membership to students in the classes; and the Member Training Officer in organizing workshops, and the training of instructors.










Pat McMenamin









Flotilla Secretary/Record Staff Officer






Records and publishes the "minutes" of each flotilla meeting. Maintains a current record of flotilla members, flotilla Officers, committee assignments and other such appointments made by the Flotilla Commander. Attends all unit meetings. Keeps a copy of the Division and flotilla Standing Rules and other administrative records. Submits articles to the unit publication. Provides copies of meeting minutes to the Flotilla Commander and Flotilla Vice Commander. Mails notices to members concerning meetings and meeting agendas.











John Neivel










Flotilla Vessel Examiner Staff Officer





Vessel Examiner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Responsible for administering the flotilla's Vessel Examiner Program. This includes scheduling Vessel Safety Check stations, particularly during Vessel Safety Check month. Works with the Member Training Officer to be sure that properly trained Vessel Examiners are available. Coordinates with the Public Affairs Officer for advance publicity about the Vessel Examination Program and the Vessel Safety Check station schedule. Assists the Operations Officer to ensure that all vessel facilities are inspected before the district facility inspection deadline.











Daniel Higgins












(For a complete description of the duties of Officers, elected and appointed, refer to these publications)

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B. U.S. Department of Homeland Security, USCG, Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1F.




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